Fast Boat to Gili

How to Go to the Gili ?

How to Go to the Gili ?

To go to the Gili can use several options with convenience and the cost varies . To reach the island dyke can use the options via land , sea and air .

If you want a holiday to Bali from Gili Gili some polihan heading . For the backpacker ride across land and rising public pake next ferry boat from Lombok is the cheapest option but very complicated and very long .

Besides these two options could use a plane from Ngurah Rai Airport to fly to Mataram , Mataram from taxi ride to the ward or bay nare . Nare of the bay public boat ride to the island of Gili . This option costs a lot.

The most we recommend and the choice of the most rapid and practical way is up Fast Boat . Fast Boat service by using the morning we will be picked up directly at the hotel by the Fast Boat and then will diatar to Padangbai to travel for approximately 1.5 hours . Fast Boat from Padangbai will directly go to Gili Trawangan travel premises from 1 to 1.5 hours at sea . You will immediately arrive at Gili Trawangan . So no need to think , staying at the hotel waiting for the shuttle and the existing residence has a sweet seat will arrive safely in Gili Trawangan

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